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The Police, Politics and UK State sponsored Fascism

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One of the first casualties of the kind of Totalitarian Regime our country allegedly despises is Freedom of speech. Whether Communist or Fascist. From Nazi Germany to The Soviet Union, The Khmer Rouge to Zimbabwe, free thinkers, writers, authors, poets, journalists etc are persecuted and suppressed. Far from it being that they spread lies but it is invariably because they are the only ones who dare to speak the truth. The situation described is alive, well and operating in 21st Century Britain.

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It is extremely dangerous for the police to demonstrate any political bias as they are entrusted to administer the law of the land even handedly. Just compare the Channel 4 programme Undercover Mosque, our lyrics and the subsequent police action. The programme included inflammatory statements of extreme prejudice against women, homo-sexual's and people of other faiths. The police did not investigate anyone but reported Channel 4 to the broadcasting authorities for misrepresenting the people in the programme ? ? Channel 4 took legal action and got a six figure settlement from the police and the CPS.

I on the other hand spent over six months on bail, without charge, no evidence, no crime or even a complaint of one. I had my home raided, all my phone and computer records investigated ...and for what ? because I dared to record under the name Anglo Saxon and write a song called 'This is England' England ! People don't spend that long on bail for murder.

Even the most PC, left thinking liberal can see that there are double standards at work here. Maybe I should expect another knock on the door after this rant..the truth is a dangerous animal. The discrimination I faced in my 21 hours of police interviews would provide enough material for an album. Maybe I will look into my legal right to publish them..any advice much appreciated.


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We have ideals that we cherish in our society, and I don't mean The Human Rights Act or recent Dicrimination laws but things going back centuries. Like Freedom of speech, artistic expression and even democracy itself. Well over the three year investigation West Yorkshire Police just ran a Coach and Horses through the lot of them. Not once or twice but backwards and forwards until these values so precious to our culture were just ground into the dirt.

West Yorkshire Police in their wisdom, not content to keep this ludicrous, corrupt, £500,000 enquiry to within their own borders go and call in Greater Manchester Police...Scotland Yard (counter- terrorist division no less) and wait for it.... 10, Downing street.


Roz Caplan

Roz Caplan

Now G.M.P. got a statement from (Rosalind) Roz Caplan, some so called ' Language expert ' to try and mis-interpret the lyrics to put me in prison. In my opinion she should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act. "When I learnt the bands name Anglo Saxon I instantly felt uncomfortable as it automatically invoked an image of Neo-Fascism ?.." Nice balanced start ! " His lyrics are designed to create fear and foreboding in Anglo Saxons so they will rise up and create war "....Yeah right Roz ! The line " The Union Jack can rise again and fly half mast no more " was cut in half and said to symbolise the rise of hard line nationalism. Not only is this the worst interpretation of any line in any song by anyone...ever, it is offensive to the memory of our fallen troops. If this woman had ever been allowed to put her interpretations to a Court of Law in an attempt to imprison me they would have carried her out in a ‘Straight Jacket’.
Her statement was so rediculous that even the idiots at W.Y.P. suppressed it for nearly 3 years until they had to disclose it in full for the Employment Tribunal. But hey, I've got a copy now so maybe I'll stick it on my website and then we can all have a good laugh. I'm sure Greater Manchester Police must be extremely proud of her.


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Scotland Yard ! They sent some lyrics down there. Now I'll give Det. Chief Inspector Peter Donagh his due, although he played the PC game and made a statement, in his conclusion he more or less said what the hell are you idiots playing at up there wasting my time with this nonesense. Now the morning after his statement arrived in West Yorkshire I got a phone call to tell me the Criminal Investigation was over, I was released from bail and I could collect all my property the next day. What gauls me is if they'd have gone to see this guy 6 months earlier they could have saved the tax payers of West Yorkshire about half a million pounds.


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10, Downing Street..... This concerns the disclosure of my personal data from The Downing Street computer system in relation to e-petitions. Now there's some contention whether it was actually me who voted in the e-petition as referenced elsewhere, but that's not the point. The point is :-

a) What has it got to do with a criminal offence ? ....and

b) If it has, then surely the biggest criminals are those who facilitated the e- petition in the first place... and that's the government. So I don't know maybe as we speak WYP are tramming down the M1, are going to burst through the doors of No 10 ( without a search warrant I may add cos that's how they like to do things) and arrest David Cameron.....Gordon Brown......No sorry they've been persecuting me that long this happened when Tony Blair was still Prime Minister... You just couldn't make it up.

THOUGHT POLICE ! Now you might think thats a joke but I've got it in black and white on numerous occasions. " We can't be sure of his philosophies be we think he might think this, or we think he might think that ". Well.....

a) Since when have the police been in the clarevouyant business....and

b) If they are, since when has been a criminal Offence to think.

Now this went on for 3 years so I could give you anecdotes all day about lies, deceit, Police corruption and quite frankly things that are just so ludicrous they should be in a Marx Brothers film. In fact I am in the process of writing a book so if there's any publishers out there who want a good story give me a shout.

Anyway I've let off a bit of steam so I think that had better be it for now. Anglo Saxon....No Surrender !


There is now an excellent new website outlining corruption within West Yorkshire Police which I have been only too happy to help and advise where I can. Some of the unsavoury characters highlighted made statements in my case, one being former Detective Sergeant Michael Vause who is now a convicted Paedophile.

Here is the link. West Yorkshire Police Corruption


As I am now effectively unemployed I am available for work. Since my dismissal I have done a bit of freelance but its not enough. Regarding the Anglo Saxon project we are still some way from recovering our few thousand pounds costs and would like to make another album. So any ideas for camera work, video editing/production, AV/CCTV installation, web sites, or anything else a reasonably well educated person could do give me a shout. I am prepared to work odd days and travel is not a problem.

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