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"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."

.......Mark Twain.


Anglo Saxon writes, records and releases music which promotes a distinctly patriotic feel and a celebration of English/British culture and heritage.

Although Anglo Saxon infers a race it is not about race that is just the snappy title. Anyone who considers themselves PROUD TO BE BRITISH should be able to relate to the music.

Although some of the songs may have a harder message with which you may agree or disagree, Anglo Saxon has no affiliation to any political party or organisation.


However this did not stop the agents of our supposedly liberal, free and democratic state persecuting me for three years. I am the first and only songwriter in this country's history to be arrested, raided and the subject of a full scale criminal investigation for the lyrics of published songs. ( These kinds of actions are usually the preserve of Fascist Dictatorships or Banana Republics ). Stark raving politically correct halfwits from West Yorkshire Police, Greater Manchester Police, the CPS, Special Branch, Scotland Yard and wait for it..... 10, Downing Street all got involved. For more details on this ludicrous but extremely sad indictment on the direction of our once great society see.. news page.

Although these particular circumstances apply to me, acts of Deception, Conspiracy, Discrimination, corruption and Injustice are universal. If the agents of our state are capable of doing this to me...........


Gary marsden

'Endangered Species' - Track listing

Endangered Species album sleeve

01. Are you Ready. (Marsden)

02. This thing called Rock & Roll. (Marsden) .

03. The War Machine - Acoustic. (Marsden)

04. When Daddy comes marching home. (Trad. Marsden/Hudson)

05. This is not a Crusade - Full Studio mix. (Marsden)

06. Lest' we Forget. 7/7. (Marsden/Hudson)

07. Scarborough Fair. (Trad. Marsden)

08. You want to be a Marine. (Marsden/Hudson)

09. This is England - Acoustic. (Marsden/Hudson)

10. The War Machine - Heavy rock version. LIVE

11. When Daddy comes marching home. (Children)

12. This is England. LIVE



This is a live set we did at a Festival. We have not added anything this is exactly as it went out on the night . Although essentially the same songs as the studio versions in our opinion the live versions are much better and are now on the 'No Surrender' Live album. By the time I got to 'This is England' my voice was knackered, but far from detract it just seemed to give more passion to the song.

All songs written by Anglo Saxon.

No Surrender

Track Listing

1. Are you Ready.

2. This thing called Rock & Roll.

3. When Daddy comes marching home.

4. Lest' we Forget. 7/7.

5. The War Machine.

6. Which side are you on ?

7. This is England.



These are just a few of the messages that make it all worthwhile.

" No one ever gets out of my house without listening to ' This is England ' " - Paul, Newcastle

" Hello, I am currently serving in the Kings Royal Hussars. I just want you to know I love your music. I've just recently got back from Afganistan and we were constantly playing your music. We are all proud of bands like you and we would love for you to keep it up. We all know deep down we shouldnt be in this war but at the end of the day we are and we can't do much about it so hearing u guys really makes us feel better and proud. Thanks for your music. Please write back, thanks for your time, keep it up." - Marc, Wiltshire

" Absolutely love the music. Sent CD's and T-shirts to family in Belfast and Essex " - Linda, Glasgow

" ' Lest' we forget 7/7 ' is an excellent and moving tribute, we will never forget ...... R.I.P. - Simon, London

" ' The War Machine ' makes me want to jump in a mosh pit and go F***ing mental . - Tom, New York

" Just received 'Endangered Species '...Excellent stuff ! Really good lyrics and well written songs I cannot believe what W.Y.P. have done to you. I am embarrassed to be a serving Police Officer within that force.
Good luck for the future " - Jason, West Yorkshire

" I love your song 'When Daddy comes marching home' but it always makes me cry " - Sally, Portsmouth

" Just bought one of everything off the website. We need someone like you in the States " - Eric, Delaware

" Thanks for the No Surreder CD, Top tracks, blasting it out loud and proud. AVVV IT ! " - Diane, Halifax

" After few listens the lyrics of This is not a Crusade are ' Spine Chilling ' " - David, Manchester

" I'm heading off to the Royal Marines myself in a few months and I confess your song ' You want to be a Marine ' has given me so much encouragement to push forward and make it. Its good as a forces candidate to see people supporting us, though we don't do it for the support in the end. 'A soldier makes the sacrifice so that others may enjoy the freedom to critisise him and his choices in safety'. You've really helped me achieve my dreams. Sincerely, for all your patriotic work - Mathew, Royal Marine Officer Cadet

" In my opinion easily the best version of ' Scarborough Fair ' . I never realised all the history behind the song. Thank you for opening my eyes - Francis, Adelaide

" Myself and my three teenage boys have now got all the CD's and a T-shirt each " - Sanje, Finland

" ' This is England ' never fails to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end " - Johnny, Stoke

" Awe inspiring music, I am sending CD's to Italy and Australia " - Lucy, Doncaster



" This is a truly great patriotic band that needs to be heard! ANGLO SAXON are one of the most musically gifted songwriters I've ever heard. What they do with this god given gift, is keep the dream alive that this politically demoralised government are trying to take away from us, and that's our identity. That's what the English and the British people should fight for. They play from the heart and that's what makes them special. So we should listen! THIS IS ENGLAND is a song worthy of a priceless monet painting. There is only truth in this musical masterpiece! its there in front of your face. believe it or not the truth is in the answer. ANGLO SAXON are one of the few bands that WILL STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR WHAT WE SHOULD ALL SAY!!!!!!!!!!! this is a band we should be proud of. WHEN DADDY COMES MARCHING HOME! listen to the words 'sent to fight in a foreign land for reasons we don't understand'!!!!!!!!! do we? ANGLO SAXON are an amazing talent, that blows the mind and body away, patriotic to the core but the music means so much. ANGLO SAXON make me proud to be ENGLISH. Do me a favour listen to them and believe... . . . . . . . . . THIS IS ENGLAND....... BE PROUD...... GOD BLESS ANGLO SAXON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Reese (diablo) Gentle....Music Journalist

There is a music player with a live set on the news page ....OR

Listen to all studio and live tracks at - Anglo Saxon Myspace

For a selection of famous English poems by great English poets. Two of them are mentioned in the lyrics of our signature song ' This is England ' English Poetry.

A brief history and the genetic make up today of The Tribes of England

This is simple chronological list of the Monarchs of England


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